Our Mission

Haulier of Choice

Employer of Choice

JDA strives to be the haulier of choice for our customers, and the employer of choice for our staff.

Our Story

Est. 1994

JDA Ventures Ltd. was established in 1994 as a 1-truck hotshot company operating out of an automotive shop – That’s where the “A” comes from in JDA – Today, we are a well known light & heavy oilfield hauler operating out of two branches in Grande Prairie and Whitecourt, AB. With over 200 pieces of equipment and 90 + employees, you could say we’ve seen some success in our industry.

Our goal has always been to integrate technology with old fashioned service. Our dispatching is computerized, and our trucks GPS tracked, with the most qualified and competent dispatchers in the industry at the helm.

We also invest in safety. Over the last ten years, JDA has strived to marry efficiency and safety for the best possible performance in the field, and we’ve seen results. We have fewer breakdowns, less unproductive time, fewer incidents.

Safety means investing in your people and cultivating a strong team of staff working with and looking out for each other. JDA has always been a family business, and we care about our team members and investing in their success. It’s more than procedures and policies, it’s caring about and taking pride in the work you do and the team you work with.

JDA has a wide selection of equipment to meet the needs of today’s industry. Our fleet consists of cranes to 200 ton, pickers ranging from 5 ton to 45 ton, bed trucks from 285” to 430”, texas beds and tri-drive and tandem-drive winch tractors.

Our owner, Jarvis Dawson, is also devoted to caring for the communities we work in. We are a well-known sponsor of many youth sports, 4H clubs, and children’s charities.

We are always working towards being the employer of choice for our staff, the hauler of choice for our customers and a supporter of the Grande Prairie and Whitecourt communities.

Our Values

Mission Statement

J.D.A. Ventures Ltd. will transport tools and equipment for its customers with the highest integrity and in the safest possible manner. The ongoing advancement of all personnel and the maintaining of updated equipment will achieve this. Safety for employees, customers, the public, and the environment will not be compromised in any way.

Vision Statement

J.D.A. Ventures Ltd. will maintain its leadership in the Oilfield Hauling industry by meeting the future challenges of the industry with new and innovative ideas, corporate leadership and staff development.

Jarvis Dawson

Founder & President

(January 2016) Fifty-year-old Jarvis Dawson is the owner of a successful oilfield hauling company in Grande Prairie. JDA has one of the most diverse oilfield hauling fleets in the industry and his employees are 64 of some of the best operators, drivers, dispatchers, and personnel in the Peace Country.

He is the middle son of 4 children born to teachers Martha and Leo Dawson and grew up in the community. In 1990, he married his wife Kim, and had their 4 children; Mandy, Jarvie, and twins Dusty, and Dylan. Kim has been his loyal and loving partner for 25 years in life and in business.

At the age of 16 Jarvis started growing his infamous mustache, for which he is well known today, and thus began his career in the oilfield industry. In 1986, Jarvis bought a 3-bay service station and worked as a power tong hand occasionally on weekends to meet the needs of his family. There was plenty of struggle in the early years, but it was at the service station where he got his feet wet as an entrepreneur, and started learning the challenges of owning a business.

In 1994, Jarvis took the opportunity to start JDA Hotshot with the purchase of a single, blue ¾ ton Ford. He sold the service station and moved the business to 116 street where the company had room to grow. By 2006, the fleet had grown to include 3 pickers, a bed, and 11 winch tractors and all were black… black with the intention that the books would always be in the black. In 2006, the word “success” was being thrown around, but for Jarvis, success is a moving target. He isn’t the type of person to settle for anything less than what is possible.

In this industry, where there is such a high level of turnover, JDA has been able to nurture many long-term employees, including three of Jarvis’ children. Jarvis has built a business around serving the needs of his employees and cultivating a family-feeling team environment.

Through maintaining a high level of service to his customers, Jarvis was able to weather the recession and sustain the continued growth of his business. In 2011, the JDA Team moved to their current location of 15,500 sq ft of shop and office, 14 acres of secured yard and with over 100 pieces of equipment.

In 2015, JDA experienced another milestone and established a second branch in Whitecourt, AB.

Jarvis is deeply committed to the community, local charities and organized sports. One of his joys as a young teen was raising a 4H steer, and he continues to support the 4H program. And as his sons matured through the hockey leagues, he began to support local team programs and still continues in that commitment with the donation of transportation for a number of sports teams including the JDA Kings hockey team. A number of other community organization and charities have been recipients of the generosity of Jarvis and Kim.

Jarvis’ desire for excellence is sincere and honest and will not be compromised. JDA’s motto is “to be the employer of choice for our staff, and the service provider of choice for our customers”. Jarvis’ personal mantra might be “Family, Team, Success”.

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