STRONG in Safety

Safety Policy

J.D.A. Ventures Ltd. is committed to a strong Safety Program that protects the environment, property, contractors, public, visitors, and employees from accidents. Safety responsibilities and industry-wide worker safety guiding principles are priority considerations in all aspects of our workplace – both fixed and mobile. Management accepts the responsibility of providing proper equipment and training to assure that employees perform their work in a manner that ensures compliance with company, client, and government regulations and all safety regulations and procedures.

Supervisors, employees, and management are responsible for the company’s safety initiatives in creating safe work practices to safeguard all individuals in their workplace. It is the responsibility of each manager, supervisor, employee, contractor or visitor to use proper procedures at all times and to observe all related regulations. It is the further responsibility of each employee to lend support and assistance to the safety program in order that the goal of injury and accident-free operation can be achieved.

Our Partners in Safety

Working together to promote safety in the workplace and for the public.